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Update time: April 12th, 2018
Experimental analysis on three-axis vibration of angular contact ball bearing in gyro motor
Dishan Huang, Liang Xiao, Peng Li, Xiaoyang Chen, Haiying Cui and Wen Jiang
Modal analysis and optimization of bus body structure
Song Deng, Xinghui Han, Lei Yang
Structure design and parameters calculate of suspension system test bench
J Q Zhang, X Y Wang, J F Jia, L Zhang and X Li
Research on fast grouping slice algorithm for STL model in rapid prototyping
Renqiang Tian, Shaogang Liu and Yifei Zhang
Analysis of high-temperature aging and microstructure of FC LED solder joints of a silver conductive layer bonded using SAC solder
Mengtian Li, Jun Zou, Wengjuan Wu, Nan Jiang, Yiming Liu, Liping Wang, Mingming Shi and Wenbo Li
A novel quality test method of electricity meter lcd screen based on image processing
Ruipeng Song, Qixin Cai, Zhongdong Wang, Huiling Su, Xuesong Shao, Wei Li, Ping Jin
Research on automotive ECU remote update and it’s security
Ji Zhang, Yu Lv and Zhi Liao
Transfer Torque Performance Comparison in Coaxial Magnetic Gears between the Side Sinusoidal and the Traditional Flux-modulator shapes
Chaojun Yang, Weifeng Zhang, Yingzhi Wu, Kang Liu and Ming Liu
Feature extraction of transient signal based on double layer auditory nerve oscillator network
J Y Liu, Y G Li, C Liu, X N Kong, L Dai, S Y Li, M Z Li and Y Z Zheng
Study on life cycle management system for chillers in nuclear power plant
Yang Jie, Yuan Liang, Su Lin, Qin Qiang, Wang Rudong
Preventive maintenance strategy for detection and buffer optimization in series production system
Li Youtang, Liu Jiansong
On-line 3D reconstruction based on laser scanning for robot machining of large complex components
Jiang Qixiang, Hou Runshi, Wang Shenghua, Wei Xiuquan, Chang Baohua, Shan Jiguo and Du Dong
High-resolution miniature UAV SAR imaging based on GPU Architecture
Xu Zhiwei and Zhu Daiyin
Sampling points optimization deployment for water environment monitoring based on PSO algorithm
Rong Zhang, Jie Zhang, Yan Shen and Qixin Xu
Influence of clutters on ultrasonic Doppler blood flow measurements
Enyao Shang, Jinchun Hu, Shengwu Du and Chang Tian
Calibration of tri-axial magnetometer using vector observations and inner products
Xiang Li and Baiqi Song
Reduction of dynamic response of a bar using constrained layer damping composite structure
Yang Bu, Zhanqiang Liu
Optimization of thin-walled sealing structure based on mechanical simulation
Guoliang Zhang, Zhibin Zeng
Monte Carlo simulation of X-ray backscatter detection for the seam tracking when welding sandwich panels
Angang Wei, Zandong Han, Baohua Chang, Haigang Li, Jiguo Shan, Dong Du
The design and fabrication of porous sintered grinding wheel based on Selective Laser Melting technology
Shubo Zhang, Xuekun Li, Chenchen Tian, Guoqiang Guo, Liping Wang, Xinjun Liu
Design of city sewer dredging robot with variable diameter
Lu Junyi, Zhu Dong
Study of Laser-Triggered Vacuum Switch with a Six-gap Rod
Huang Zucheng, Mao Xiaopo, Zong Yun, Cao Xiangwei, Xiang Bin, He Zhenghao, Kong Jinjiao and Zhang Yaodong
Development of XBW in-wheel-motor-drive electric vehicle simulation platform
C Chi, G Xu, Y Xu, J H Shen and B Y Chen
Numerical investigation of liquid flowmeter calibration device based on CFD
Yuan Zhuang, Ningning Zhang, Longbo Ma, Yongmei Huang
Influence of focusing voltage on sensitivity of quadrupole mass spectrometer
Guohua Ren, Haifeng Zhang, Lizhi Sun, Zheng Li and Chongwu Guo
Model device for bedrock erosion under high velocity open channel flows
Li Zhijing, Liu Xiaobin, Li Dazhi, Jin Zhongwu, Hou Di
Study on the control of automatic transmission proportional solenoid valve at different temperatures
X P Cai
Vision sensing and surface fitting for real-time detection of tight butt joints
Guodong Peng, Boce Xue, Yanjun Gao, Zhijie Tian, Yuxiang Hong, Baohua Chang and Dong Du
New low-inductance capacitor - switch assembly
D V Molchanov, I V Lavrinovich, A P Artyomov and D V Rybka
Compressive buckling analysis of orthotropic composite plates restrained by stringers
J W Feng
A sliding mode control method for trajectory tracking control of wheeled mobile robot
Lu Yang, Shenghui Pan
A study on the prediction technology of resin piston wear
X C Chen, M X Bi and C Y Xue
A improved scheduling curve of wind power with the help of energy storage in Micro Grids
Li Xiangyu, Zhu Yongqiang, Zhao Na, Xia Ruihua
Analysis and design of a novel tri-state Flyback PFC converter with high load power
Ping Yang, Shengzhong He, Ping Feng and Fei Zhang
A novel partition model of scheduling regions for public bicycle system
F Lin, Y Yang, B Zheng, H Ma and S H Wang
Numerical simulation of the vane type tank and system on-orbit refueling process
L Chen, J T Liu, X R Lin, C Yao and H L Zhu
BLDC Speed Control System Based on Neuron PID
X H Cheng, X Q Wang, X Wu, H L Zhou, X A Chen and L Wang
Design of fruits and vegetables online inspection system based on vision
Huili Zhou, Xiai Chen, Xiaoqiang Wang and Ling Wang
Design of traffic light identification scheme based on TensorFlow and HSV color space
X Q Wang, X H Cheng, X Wu, H L Zhou, X A Chen and L Wang
Full-image guided method based on confidence coefficient for fast stereo matching
Wang Xiaodong, Xie Binming
Research on accelerated test method for fatigue life of cylindrical helical compression
T Fu, D C Wang and P Cheng
A Grain Moisture Model Based on Capacitive Sensor
Wu Sitong, Zhang Boyuan, Tian Yinghui, Zhou Shaolei and Ma Haitao
A new 3D printing method based on non-vacuum electron beam technology
Shuhe Chang, Stefan Gach, Aleksej Senger, Haoyu Zhang, Dong Du
Research on investment casting for thin-walled component of TiB2 /A356 composite
Zhang Jie, Zhang Keren, Hu Chuanming, He Zhijun and Zhang Fengjun
Effect of injection timing on performance and emissions characteristics of a single cylinder diesel engine fuelled with waste plastic oil
W Khatha, S Ekarong and S Jiraphon
Non-Contact Optical Super-Resolution Imaging Study Based on Height-Variable Microsphere
Kai Meng, Shilin Gao, Zhan Yang, Huicong Liu, Tao Chen and Lining Sun
Automated design and optimization of industrial motion control machines: verification and a case-study
I M Gadala, C W de Silva and M S Gadala
Stability analysis of fluid film bearings under laminar and turbulent regimes
Mohamed S. Gadala, Farzad Hemmati
Measurement of the voltage distributions over transformer winding in standard lightning impulse voltage
Li Lu, Xu Dongsheng, Hu Runge, Lu Yong
The Simulation of Schedule Risk Paths in Submarine Pipeline Projects using Bayesian Networks
Zou Ying, Xu Bing-bing, Liu Shuai and Zhou Jing
Using PERT and Gantt charts for planning software projects on the basis of distributed digital ecosystems
I.V. Evdokimov, R.Yu. Tsarev, T.N. Yamskikh, A.N. Pupkov
Large Field-of-View Super-Resolution Image Obtained by Manipulating Submerged Microsphere
Shilin Gao, Kai Meng, Zhan Yang, Huicong Liu, Tao Chen and Lining Sun
Research on process model of ship rust removal by premixed abrasive jet based on neural network
Guo Qing, Yang Shu-zhen and Yu Tao
Electrostatic monitoring of rolling bearing with multi-sensor fusion under variable operating conditions
Liu Ruochen and Bei Shaoyi
Simulation of oil whirl for geared rotor journal bearing system
Z X Liu, Y M Wei, L Chen, Z S Liu, X H Wang
A Family of Non-isolated Three-Port Converters Based on H-Bridge
Ping Yang, Ping Feng
Regenerating kinematic chains and its utilization in the innovative design for sofa bed
Shifu Xu, Ting Gu, Yanan Jiang
A comprehensive maintainability evaluation method for subsystems of CNC machine tools
X C Zhu, J Bao, J L Wang, F Chen, Z J Yang and X G Zhang
Counterfeit Identification Method of Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits Using Scanning Acoustic Microscope
HYao Qiu, SuJuan Zhang, ZhengPing Chen, Yanruoyue Li and Maogong Jiang
Passive velocity field control for die-cutting machine
HHuaqiang Zhang, Yongqin Liu and Ze Li
Research on AGV Trajectory Tracking Control based on Double Closed-loop and PID Control
HHua-qiang Zhang, Dan-dan Wu and Tong Yao
The manufacturing resource optimization problem of federal collaborative development based on Markov Decision Process
HQiang Qin, Jian-xin Yang, Jun Ji, Wen-jun Liu, Yi-ming Yang and Wei Wei
Research on the key technologies and realization of virtual campus
HCheng Zhang and F Y Long
Robust visual tracking via combinative deep learning
HJia Wen, JiWei Zhao, PengFei Liu, Hongjun Wang
Study of micro-crack localization based on vibro-acoustic modulation
HC N Xiao, H F Zheng, L C Hu, Y B Wang and Y G Cao
A method to assess the wildfire induced breakdown of high-voltage transmission lines
HHaixiang Chen, Yun Zhang and Linhe Zhang
Investigation of Electro Discharge Micro Machining of AlSiC alloy
HLu Zhou, Wenchuan Yu and Chao wang
Optical and Thermal Properties of Flip-Chip LED Bulbs Using Chip-Scale Package
HNan Jiang, Jun Zou, Wenbo Li, Bobo Yang, Liping Wang, Mengtian Li, Yiming Liu
Electrical characterization, crosstalk compensation and experimental examination of AlN-based piezoelectric micro resonators
HHuacheng Qiu and Helmut Seidel
Mechanical Behavior of Ti/APC-2/Kevlar Hybrid Composite Laminates due to Low-Velocity Impact
HMing-Hwa R. Jen, Dong-Yi-Cai, Che-Kai Chang, Feng-Chi Hsu
A New Smooth Method Based on Rotated Hyperbola for Support Vector Machine for Classification
HEn Wang
Perniciousness Analysis of IC Hardware Trojan Based on Characteristic Function Deployment
HJiaoying Huang, Daming Yang and Yongkang Wan
Using two feed-forward layers for fault detection of hole
HYvonne Dalle Nyame, Peijiang Yuan, Abamou Kaoubara
Tunneling magnetoresistance effect in ferromagnet-quantum dot-ferromagnet system
HLili Zhao
Challenges and Opportunities Arising from Transportation Electrification in Smart Grid
HZ. Kazemi, F. Shabaninia, F. Naseri
Research on Constitutive Model of Hyperelastic- viscoelastic- plastoelastic Material of Rubber Waveform Generator
HYuliang Yang, Changchun Di, Peng Li, Yezun Sun
A universal processing platform for ball shaped workpiece
HYun-Fei Liu, Yaser Saffar Talori and Jing-Shan Zhao
Heading process design of titanium alloy dental screws
HYeong-Maw Hwang, Bo-Hong Chen
Paraconsistent Logic applied in the metallography of welds classification through morphological characteristics and entropy of digital images
HM C Mario, J I Da Silva Filho, M F Blos, D V Garcia, N J Gaspar, J C Morilla, C A A Moino, M C P Matos
A Framework for improving overall equipment efficiency: a case study of manufacturing setup of Pakistan
HHabib ul Rahman, Muhammad Sajid, Ahmad Wasim, Salman Hussain, Mirza Jahanzaib
Finite Element Analysis of Conical Teeth for Hydraulic Pipe Tongs
HGao yagang, Liu yuan
Electromagnetic Ground-Wave Propagation over the Earth’s Surface in the Transition Range
HLe Li, Ting Ting Gu, Hong Lei Xu, Bing Jun Xia and Kai Li
A view of research on wireless power transmission
HYan Wang, Jinwei Qiao, Jing Du, Fei Wang
Impact test simulation and structural optimization of aluminum alloy A356.2 wheel hub
HYang liang, Yang haibo, Tan hongjian, Hu peng, Cheng xuewen, Lu junlong
Research on the total leakage rate leak detection technology of the large spacecraft
HY Wang, Q Zhang, J Wang, Z Li, W Sun, R X Yan, L C Sun and X P Hong
Shifting Element Design Technology for Power Split Hybrid System
HYing Han, Yanyan Shi and Jiahui Liu
Bifurcation behaviors of a high-speed bogie system with and without yaw dampers
HGuodong Li, Tingting Zhang
A Torque Control Strategy for a Two-Phase Switched Reluctance Motor based on Dynamic Ranking of Voltage Vectors
HJiayi Fan, Fengge Zhang and Jin-Woo Ahn
A finite element approach for determining the dynamic behaviours of multiscale beams using the semi-continuum model
HNing Zhang, Cheng Li
Evaluation of surface quality and mechanical properties of squeeze casted AA2026 aluminium alloy by using response surface methodology
HM A Ali, M Jawad and M Jahanzaib
A Displacement Estimation Method Based on the Magnetic Field Information of PMLSM
HChang Tian, Jinchun Hu
A Bayesian networks approach to build human -machine-ergonomic risk assessment model for construction workers
HLi Song
Optimization for the Storage Management and Job Scheduling Based on Expert System
HMing Hu, Shuilong Zou
Comparative study of laser stripe detection algorithms for embedded real-time suitability in an industrial quality control context
HS Colak, V Fresse, O Alata, T Gautrais and E Dumas
An improved drilling Force Model in Friction Drilling AISI 321
Haohao Li, Jian Wu, Long Chen, Chuanbing Zhang, Zhe Li
The challenges of the inverse problems solution in welding technology: a review and a practice
Y L Chang, A S Babkin, I A Babkin
Research on fault diagnosis of distribution card in electrical system based on PSPICE
Yifan Hang, Xianglian Xu, Zewei Mao, Jialiang Li, Zhiwu Lu
Research on proportion and thermal storage property of the shape stabilized fatty acid
Yan Quanying, Liu Chao, Zhang Jing, Liu Sha, Sun Xiangyu
Research on the thermal performance of the phase change material wall prepared by soaking
Yan Quanying, Zhang Jing, Liu Chao, Liu Sha, Sun Xiangyu
Dynamic Response of Large Turbogenerator Stator End Winding under Fault Conditions
Y Zhao, W H Huo, C Zeng, C L Chen, X Chen
Design of a high speed drawing frame monitoring system based on IoT using MQTT protocol
Zishang Cui, Jing Wu, Chen Shen, Bing Chen
Availability of Street Lighting System: A Study of Warri, Delta State, Nigeria
J. O. Asalor, I. W. Ujevwerume
A Novel Fault-Location Method for VSC-MTDC Transmission Lines Based on EMTR
Xipeng Zhang, Nengling Tai, Xiaodong Zheng, Wentao Huang
Bounded time-delay control performance of two-degree-of-freedom nonlinear vehicle system under random road excitation using MR damper
G F Yan, Z G Ying, R H Huan
Thermodynamic re-assessment of the Hf-Si binary system
Jiangtao Gao, Changrong Li, Cuiping Guo, Zhenmin Du
Effects of Ultrasonic Stirring on Microstructures of Al-7wt%Si Alloy Ingot
S C Dong, W Q Wang, Z M Shi, J G Li
Control and synchronization of fractional order complex valued chaotic Chen systems
Zhen Wang, Zhicheng Wang, Bo Wu
Manufacturing Eco-friendly building products with phosphogypsum, fly ash, lime, and cement
Zhang Lihua, Zhang Yunsheng, Liu Laibao, Tan Kefeng
Design and Experimental Study on pneumatic extruding direct-writing deposition for Multi-materials
Ming Ma, Peng Chen, Lifei Zhao, Honghai Zhang
Risk assessment for bonding wires instantaneous touch in high density packaging
Macheng, Zhangsujuan, Fuguicui, Wangchangcheng
A Color Image Encryption Algorithm Based on DNA Computation and Chen System
Liu Li-yan, ZhangYing-qian, Zhang Heng-zhi
High-Precision and Non-contact Fiber Optic Gyroscope Dynamic Calibration System with Dual Laser Doppler Vibrometers
Lei Chen, Yilan Zhou, Dengwei Zhang, Cheng Liu, Shuangliang Che
Simulation and Analysis of Contact State of Cycloid Gear between Pin Wheels in RV Reducer
Hongji Li, Geng Hou, Weidong He, Yinghui Zhang
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