MEIE is an annual academic event since 2018, aiming to bring together experts in each of the specialized fields to exchange their latest research findings & experiences, and realize global collaborations. At the same time, it allows for cross-disciplines to share ideas from the other closely related research areas.

MEIE2023 was held with a hybrid mode of online and onsite presentations during May 23-25, 2023 in Sanya, China. Conference program was divided into 3 sessions: keynote speeches, oral presentations and poster presentations, attracted about 70 participants from all over the world.

Thank all the speakers, who have done excellent jobs and attendees for being with us. Except that, we’d like to extend a "thank you" for all reviewers for providing comments which are very useful for the authors and give special thanks to Prof. Nader Asnafi from Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, who presided over the conference.

Conference Schedule
Date Time Program
May 23 10:00-18:00 Author Registration
May 24 09:00-09:10 Opening Ceremony
09:10-10:40 Keynote Speeches
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break & Take Pictures
11:00-12:00 Oral Presentations
12:00 Lunch
14:00-16:00 Oral Presentations
16:00 -16:30 Coffee Break & Poster Presentations
16:30-17:30 Oral Presentations
17:30 Dinner
May 25 08:30-17:00 Social & Cultural Activities

Online Platform: VooV Meeting, Conference ID: 985 1181 2582

It was our great honor to have the following 3 impressive keynote speeches:

Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Nader Asnafi

Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Speech Title: Metal Additive Manufacturing with Special Focus on Production Tools / Dies / Molds

Dr. Mohamed H. Saied

Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Alam Md Mahbub

Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China
Speech Title: Understanding of fish swimming

Prof. Nader Asnafi

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Kheng-Lim Goh

Newcastle University in Singapore, Singapore
Speech Title: Repair of Composite Structures: Prospects & Challenges

Prof. Hongtao Tang

Following the keynote speakers, 20 scholars made oral presentations respectively in the afternoon. Information of speakers and their speeches is listed as below.

Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
Jing Tao Shanghai University Ontology-based Case Representation of Mechatronic Product Eco-design and Development of a Cloud-based Case library
Zhiqiang Shen Beijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering Discussion on the static-thermal test technology of aircraft
Sheng Li Nanjing Institute of Technology A static voltage stability index for medium-voltage distribution network with distributed PV
Weiwei Cui Shanghai University Neural network based evaluation for the multi-objective optimization in flow shops with random failures
Yulong Li Tsinghua University Optimization of groove texture profile to improve the tribological performance: theory and experiments
Linhua Hu Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Energy and reliability oriented maintenance policy for a deteriorating machine with stochastic energy consumption
Zhengyu Ou Tsinghua University A pot-core eddy current sensor based on DC magnetization
Yan Li Chang'an University State of charge estimation of lithium-ion batteries using improved BP neural network and filtering techniques
Jin Wu Nanjing Forestry University Optimal modelling for maintenance strategy of leased equipment and profit adjustment considering the effort of lessee
Shuo Gao Shanghai Jiao Tong University A Dynamic Learning Network for Steel Surface inspection based on Structural Re-parameterization
Yuchuan Ma Chang'an University Energy management of hybrid energy system of battery/supercapacitor for an electric wheel loader
Xuancheng Jin Shanghai Jiao Tong University High-precision deformation prediction for compliant parts in the ship sub-assembly process
Adhan Efendi National Chin-Yi University of Technology Development of Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System for Refrigerated Display Cases
Biyue Zhang Dong Hua University Rescheduling on Unrelated Parallel Machines with Rush Order
Mengdie Huang Shanghai Jiao Tong University Efficiency Evaluation in Manufacturing Systems with Uncertain Attributes based on a DEA Integrated Grey Factor Analysis Approach
Dongqi Zhang Tsinghua University Interfacial stress and control of Ti/Al dissimilar materials prepared by laser-directed energy deposition
Sadiq Ur Rahman Tianjin University Sensorless Vector Control Approach for the Interior PM Synchronous Machine with DC-offset Compensation Loop
Yibing Shan Dong Hua University A Remaining Useful Life Prediction Method Based on LSTM-DCGAN for Aero-Engines
Wei Wu Shanghai Jiao Tong University Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-ion Batteries Based on the Support Vector Regression Optimized and Enhanced Whale Optimization Algorithm
Chenguang Wu Chang'an University Lightweight backbone network for road object detection


Thirteen poster presentations came after oral presentations. Below is a brief list of presenters and their poster titles.

Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
Huihui Wang Chang'an University Low velocity penetration response of foam core sandwich panels with face sheets
Ting Wang State Grid Hubei Electric Power Research Institute Theory and simulation analysis of parallel operation after main transformer replacement
Feifu Hu Hunan Institute of Engineering Lithium-ion battery state-of-charge estimation based on long-short-term memory neural network and square-root cubature Kalman filter
Mengmeng Yang East China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. Research on the capacity allocation optimization of micro-grid considering wind-PV-ES
Li Luo State Grade Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute Research on the necessity of cold junction compensation in calibration of temperature calibrator
Songcong Chen Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences Development Trend Analysis of Shape Memory Polymers Based on Bibliometric Method
Longji Zhu Anhui University of Science and Technology Research on Low speed Control Position Observer for accumulator electric locomotive PMSM
Zhitian Li Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences A Graph Optimization Approach to Range-based Relative Location
Zheng Li Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute Operation control technology of source network load storage area based on flexible application of energy storage
Zheng Wang QiLu Aerospace Information Research Institute Enhancing Sensitivity in Mode-Localized Tilt Sensors Based on Asymmetrically Coupled Resonators
Ming Sun State Grade Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute Development and application of creepage distance measurement system for zinc oxide arrester
Rui Li Shenyang Fire Science and Technology Research Institute of MEM Technical Research on Test Method of the Socket and Switch of Temperature Monitoring Alarm Function
Xinfan Yin National University of Defense Technology A Review of Hybrid Compound High-speed Helicopter and Flight Control Technology


This conference has made a complete success because of their supports and contributions. We are expecting more experts and scholars from academia and industry to join next MEIE Conferences.

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