Poster Presentations
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MEIE6003 Low velocity impact penetration response of foam core sandwich panels with face sheets
MEIE61042 Theory and simulation analysis of parallel operation after main transformer replacement
MEIE61624 Lithium-ion battery state-of-charge estimation based on longshort-term memory neural network and square-root cubature Kalman filter
MEIE62513 Research on the capacity allocation optimization of micro-grid considering wind-PV-ES
MEIE64062 Research on the necessity of cold junction compensation in calibration of temperature calibrator
MEIE64454 Research on Low speed Control Position Observer for accumulator electric locomotive PMSM
MEIE66120 Operation control technology of source network load storage area based on flexible application of energy storage
MEIE66860 Development and application of creepage distance measurement system for zinc oxide arrester
MEIE67170 Technical Research on Test Method of the Socket and Switch of Temperature Monitoring Alarm Function
MEIE69589 A Review of Hybrid Compound High-speed Helicopter and Flight Control Technology
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Submission Deadline: May 19, 2023
Conference Date: May 23-25, 2023
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