MEIE2022 Proceedings

Please check the following papers and vote for the best one in your mind.

001 Zhikai Xing, Yongbao Liu, Qiang Wang and Jun Li
Intelligent diagnosis of rolling bearings with imbalanced data based on the ConVAE-CNN model

002 Yi Sun, Juncheng Xiao and Huayan Pu
Design of a giant electrorheological fluid actuator for achieving soft transmission

003 Chenhui Du and Degang Huang
Evaluation of thermal management scheme of engine cowl based on rotating heat pipe

004 Zongyao Liu, Yadong Wang, Quan Gan, Xinxing Ban and Shihua Liu
Four window functions for simulation of vibration transmission effects in a planetary gear set

005 Jiazeng Liu, Xin Liu and Haozhang Li
Design and analysis of an automatic cable reel for multiple cable connections

006 Kaijun Wei, Jiali Wu, Junhong Zhang, Guilin Peng and Haichun Rong
Aerodynamic optimization of a propeller airfoil at low Reynolds numbers

007 Manyi Zhang, Runlin Li, Chun Zhang and Beibei Liu
Influence of assembly preload on bearings performance

008 Peng Li and Dalin Wu
Research on small muzzle brake design and optimization

009 Fushen Ren, Pengyu Sun, Baojin Wang and Tiancheng Fang
Nonlinear dynamic analysis of liquid-solid coupling and rubbing on drill string

010 Yong Wan, Li Liu and Hansong Chen
Design of a dual-standard gas flow facility with parallel structure

011 Ze Pu and Baohua Chang
Control of droplet transfer during in-situ synthesis of NiTi alloys by dual-wire electron beam additive manufacturing

012 Takanari Kashiwagi, Hiroki Suzuki and Shinsuke Mochizuki
Uncertainty evaluation due to the difference in definitions of the acceleration parameter to examine the influence of mean flow acceleration on the experimental turbulent flows

013 Zhengwei Nie, Ye Chen and Kangqiao Bai
Flow field analysis and structural improvement for a polyacrylonitrile spinneret

014 Wei Sun, Ying Pan, Xuyan Hou, Zheng Li, Guohua Ren, Lichen Sun, Guangming Qi, Rongxin Yan, Donghui Meng, Lei Qi, Liang Su, Hao Wang and Zhou Qiang
Design of ultrasonic leak location detector based on FPGA for spacecraft based on orbit

015 Liang Cheng and Junyu Zhou
Research on selection of control points for vibration test of radar servo system

016 Yazhe Chen and Hongliang Yao
Mechanism study of ultrasonic-assisted screening of fine powder materials

017 Hiroki Suzuki and Yutaka Hasegawa
Validation on the mean friction velocity of an atmospheric boundary layer flow reproduced by large￾eddy simulation in terms of kinetic energy conservation

018 Caili Duan, Shengwei Xin, Hu Wang, Chi Ma, Pu Yan, Xiaojun Liu, Jie Hao and Yun Liu
Analysis and optimization of abnormal furnace pressure in a CFB boiler

019 Guosen Zhi, Jing Li, Jiong Yang and Hui Li
Structural design and simulation of polymer microfluidic chip bonding device

020 Fude Wang, Zhihui Kou, Teng Li and Wenhao Li
Design and performance analysis of multi-wheeled lateral and longitudinal rocker arm series￾parallel robot

021 Hiroki Suzuki
Numerical visualisation on the impact of setting convective velocity of outflow boundary on a parallel grid-generated flow

022 Shuai Zhang, Haofan Lin, Bo Wei, Guoquan Song, Chengwei Fang, Wenzhe Zheng, Jian He, Yubo Jin, Hongkun Lu and Xiaofeng Zou
Analysis and research on the flow capacity of memory alloy gasket and ordinary gasket under AC source

023 Liangliang Liu, Wen Jiang, Zhiwen Liu, Ruixue Yu and Tao Bian
Multi-objective optimization of shaftless rim-driven thruster based on ISIGHT

024 Siyu Xu, Mingxin Wang, Kai Li, Qingpeng Han, Xin Tong, Keyuan He and Rui Zhu
Stability analysis of the turbine rotor system with foundation support under impact excitation

025 Zhengbing Wang, Lubing Shi, Zhongming Liu, Bang Pei and Yukai Zhao
Analytical algorithm for time-varying friction force and torque of pitting helical gear

026 Guohua Ren, Zheng Li, Wei Sun, Ying Pan, Zhaoxian Liu and Lizhi Sun
Study on intrinsic defects of graphene oxide membranes for gas separation

027 Yu Zhang, Jian Zheng, Xiao Zhang, Guibo Yu and Yunfei Jia
A polyurethane binder with excellent mechanical properties based on copolymerization and dynamic bond crosslinking

028 Lingmin Zhou, Yongfeng Sui, Jibin Lan, Peng Chu, Yujun Liu, Bin Feng and Liheng Du
Optimum design for wavy fin tube in an air cooler with genetic algorithm

029 Zichun Yi, Chun Xiao, Shiyun Xiao and Yu Wan
Motor bearing fault diagnosis based on local characteristic-scale decomposition and support vector optimized by sine cosine algorithm

030 Zixiang Li, Haoyu Zhang, Zhiyue Liang, Shuhe Chang, Dong Du and Li Wang
Analysis of thermal-stress behavior during the process of in-situ fabricating Ti-22Al-25Nb parts by twin-wire electron beam freeform fabrication

031 Jiamin Lu, Li Liu, Guoyu Chen, Jinjin Li, Cheng Li and Yajun Liu
Flow calibration method for gas-liquid two-phase flow of Coriolis flowmeter based on LSTM

032 Lei Wang, Rundong Qi, Feng Gao, Liu Zhao, Li Liu, Qian Zhang, Bo Wu and Hui Jie
Study on the calibration and uncertainty evaluation of direct-reading atmospheric samplers by laminar flow differential pressure mass flowmeter

033 Mengyuan Chen, Yue Ren and Minghui Ou
Robust path following control for autonomous vehicle considering actuator fault

034 Shuai Zhang, Bing Yu, Lin Zhao, Guoquan Song, Bo Wei, Haofan Lin, Jian He, Lele Li, Bin Wang, Zhuye Cui, Chengwei Fang, Hongkun Lu and Xiaofeng Zou
Inspection and analysis of a 500kV main transformer excessive acetylene failure

035 Chao Kang, Zongyang Zhang, Zhiyuan Wang and Jingqi Wang
Study on the characteristics of the potential rise of shell under VFTO in the GIS pumped storage power station

036 Lijuan Li, Yuange Li, Yongdong Chen, Hongliang Liu and Qingsong Zhang
Analysis of power system angle stability based on Heun algorithm under gauss and jump excitation

037 Sheng Li, Yanan Ma, Can Zhang and Jiawei Yu
Static voltage stability prediction for PCCs of new energy power stations in the grid-connected system

038 Bin Cheng, Xiaohu Yang, Chen Qing and Hong Jiang
Development and application of unplanned automatic shutdown fault tree model of nuclear power plant

039 Guojun Meng, Jianping Chen, Chengsan Zhao and Feng Hu
Structure design and performance research of the radar antenna array

040 Longji Zhu and Wenzhong Jiang
Research on power electronic transformer with hybrid energy storage system

041 Jiahui Zhang, Jingyu Huang, Luning Xu and Li Han
Design and simulation of non-uniform electric field using mesh electrodes for electrorheological micro valves

042 Xia Zhao
A tentative discussion on measurement uncertainty of electrical measuring instruments and device

043 Huan Zhou, Zhong Ma, Xiunan Chu, Jinbao Lu, Lu Yu, Yonggang Sun, Xu Chen and Xiaofeng Wu
Small window cross-correlation accumulation time difference algorithm based on peak judgment method and generalized cross-correlation method

044 Jintong Wang, Hongyue Men, Jingwei Huang, Ji Xiao, Jinkang Zhu, Wupeng Fan, Guangyu He and Peidong Chen
Accumulation characteristics of free metallic particles in flowing transformer oil under uniform and non-uniform electric field

045 Longen Zhang, Kun Chen, Hongling Han, Ting Wang and Shuai Zhu
Analysis and research on the influence of multiple factors on the steady operation area of large￾capacity MMC-HVDC transmission system

046 Yu Zou, Zhenjun Xie, Yinguan Song, Deyin Wang and Xiang Wang
Analysis of shielding failure of transmission line based on pilot model

047 Zhiyuan Wang, Chao Kang, Zongyang Zhang and Jie Guo
Research on continuous current characteristics and operating load characteristics of EGLA in UHVDC lines

048 Ying Wei
State-of-charge estimation for lithium-ion batteries based on dual extended Kalman filter

049 Ting Wang, Kun Chen, Kanjun Zhang, Longen Zhang and Xingyang Hu
Research and analysis on suppression and influence of transformer direct current bias

050 Shuai Zhang, Yong Yang, Guoquan Song, Bo Wei, Haofan Lin, Wenzhe Zheng, Jian He, Yuhao Ji, Chengwei Fang, Ligang Xia and Junhao Huang
Application of mechanical characteristic test in the development of 220kV SF6 new type quick circuit breaker

051 Petar Sarajcev and Antun Meglic
Error analysis of multi-step day-ahead PV production forecasting with chained regressors

052 Guohua Yang, Wei Zhang, Haibing Bai, Jianghao Fu, Yinfeng Guo, Wenhao Wang and Zengchao Li
Research on structural type of two-way connection fittings based on valve hall

053 Zhizhen Wu, Guorong Zhang, Weilun Chen and Haiyang He
Interleaved operation of parallel three-level inverter and suppression of circulating current

054 Haiyang He, Guorong Zhang, Weilun Chen and Zhizhen Wu
A novel space vector modulation strategy for legs parallel three-level inverters to reduce common￾mode voltage

055 Mu Yang, Jing Chen, Meng Zhang and Siyilang You
Simulation research on sliding mode PID control of Buck converters with improved approaching law

056 Li Xu, Lin Wang, Guang Su, Zaibao Xiong, Xiaohong Geng and Yanning Li
Study of indoor and outdoor 1000kV GIS layout

057 Weilun Chen, Guorong Zhang, Haiyang He and Zhizhen Wu
A novel design and control method for improved LCL filter three-level inverter to suppress common mode resonant current and leakage current

058 Jiawei Gao, Jing Chen, Mu Yang and Hangqu Yang
Electric energy conversion design of hydrogen fuel cell for automobile

059 Yu Zou, Tianyue Weng, Wensen Li, Ketian Huang and Yuhan Hu
Analysis and improvement of measures for lightning protection of 35kV transmission line in a mountainous area

060 Zheng Zhao, Anqi Li and Weihe Diao
Design of universal power supply and distribution ground test system based on modularity

061 Xingwang Zhao, Shuang Wu, Zhen Ai, Jian Yu and Yijie Wang
Design and application of unified control system for laboratory electric energy metering standard device based on RPA

062 Jinbo Wang, Hongwei Fu, Binbin Wang and Liguo Liu
Spatial resolution analysis of passive bistatic radar using low-orbit navigation augmented signals

063 Xingyang Hu, Kun Chen, Longen Zhang, Ting Wang and Pangqi Ye
An active power coordination control strategy for hybrid doubly-fed DC system based on actual project

064 Lijuan Li, Yue Li, Zhiqiang Liu, Yiwei Zeng, Gangwei Ding and Qingsong Zhang
Identification of vulnerable node groups in wind power grids based on K-order structure entropy

065 Yong Yang, Jing Zhang, Yongtao Jin, Wenbo Li and Bo Wei
Analysis of imbalanced voltage on 35kV side after single phase replacement of 500kV transformer

066 Chuang Zhou, Nanjia Yu, Jue Wang, Bowei Jiao, Xuesong Guo and Shan An
Design and analysis of rocket engine system with electric pump as subsystem

067 Xingyang Hu, Kun Chen, Ting Wang and Zengrui Huang
Analysis of typical fault characteristics of modular multilevel converter for flexible HVDC transmission

068 Yuzhe Lin, Hongming Hu, Yuhan Chang and Haofeng Wei
Permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control based on BP neural network

069 Shuaihu Li, Jie Li, Jie Hou and Xing Tong
PSO-SVR-based voltage stability online monitoring method for large-scale power grids

070 Chuanbin Tang, Kaibo Cui, Yueli Li, Qingping Wang, Qingzhan Shi and Naichang Yuan
Modified RD algorithm of highly squint SAR imaging based on range walk removal

071 Chuanke Pang and Rui Zhong
Design and experiment of on-orbit assembly ground simulation robot

072 Gaoqi Lian, Min Ye, Qiao Wang, Meng Wei and Yuchuan Ma
A BP neural network-Ant Lion Optimizer and UKF method for SOC estimation of lithium-ion batteries

073 Yueli Li, Zesen Li, Jian Wang, Ke Liu and Zhimin Zhou
Modification of the line-of-sight motion error for squinted SAR after real-time PRF adjustment

074 Guohua Yang, Junchao Yang, Shengfu Wang, Jianghao Fu and Yi You
Electromechanical Engineering Current and temperature-rise effect of contact condition for connection terminals in UHVDC converter stations

075 Xinying Li, Zhuoping Duan and Renrong Long
Research on vibration compensation technology of pressure sensors in shock wave overpressure measurement

076 Shiyun Xiao
Optical fiber hydrogen sensing system based on dual photodetectors

077 Haofan Lin, Bing Yu and Lu Lu
Application of memory alloy materials in power system

078 Haofan Lin, Bing Yu and Lu Lu
Research on vibration and aging characteristics of memory alloy

079 Yanlei Wang and Hongwei Cheng
A study on Bayesian method for reliability evaluation of small sample size aviation support systems

080 Hongwei Cheng, Yanlei Wang and Jine Huang
A mission reliability modelling method for intuitively displaying time elements

081 Lei Zhang and Zhenyu Li
Machine learning for materials classifications from images

082 Can Wang, Zhenghao Lin and Zhongli Zhang
A brachial artery-based system for blood pressure pulse wave measurement and its signal filtering technique

083 Zhizhong Lu, Menglin Jiang, Jieshi Huang, Xinlei Zhou, Kejie Li, Yue Zheng, Wenkai Jiang, Tao Zhang, Hangbing Yan and Huan Xia
Study on NO2 gas sensitivity of metal phthalocyanine enhanced by graphene quantum dots

084 Zhaobin Hong, Xian Zhu, Zhijian Zhou and Kai Zhao
A novel structural design technology of highly integrated antenna in missile

085 Fangyang Xu, Bikai Yang, Xinrui Zhao, Jieshuo Zhang and Pan Jiang
Purification control system of balanced charge lubricating oil based on PLC

086 Zhiyue Liang, Haoyu Zhang, Zixiang Li, Dong Du and Li Wang
In situ monitoring of beam current in electron beam directed energy deposition based on adsorbed electrons

087 Yuanjing Qin, Mengzhou Liu and Hailing Fu
Small excitation self-powered sensing energy harvester for rail traffic condition monitoring

088 Xuanlin Ye
Industrial Engineering Based on NXUG10 Research on automatic programming and simulation machining of integral split impeller

089 Jiamin Lu, Ping Wang, Yong Wan, Guoyu Chen, Yajun Liu and Liya Wang
Comparative study of phase difference extraction methods in the background of Coriolis mass flow meters application

090 Shuang Liu, Wenhao Wang, Rui Han, Shaohe Wang and Guoping Zou
Failures statistics of on-line monitoring devices for gases dissolved in oil

091 Ying Liu, Longhao Hu, Mingyue Ding, Zheng Yang and Jialu Xi
Research and application of equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform

092 Jinwang Li, Tongyue Gao, Xiaobing Wang, Daizhuang Bai and Weiping Guo
The IMU/UWB/odometer fusion positioning algorithm based on EKF

093 Yifan Ge, Lei Wu, Yifan Shen and Jiawei Shi
Research on the quality evaluation method of rail transit vehicles maintenance based on the life cycle

094 He Sun, Yutong Ding, Kaigan Zhang, Zelin Wu, Xueqi Xing, Zhi Fan and Tangbin Xia
Industrial Engineering and Prognostics & Health Management (PHM) for Smart Manufacturing Online energy consumption optimization method for rework production systems

095 Tongtong Yan, Yanqing Deng, Yikai Chen, Tangbin Xia and Dong Wang
Nearest neighbor convex hull for health indicator construction

096 Yanqing Deng, Bingchang Hou, Yikai Chen and Dong Wang
Nonparametric nonlinear profile monitoring method for machine condition monitoring

097 Xiangxin An, Lei Cao, Guojin Si, Zhen Chen, Meimei Zheng, Jianfeng Tao and Tangbin Xia
Energy-conscious maintenance and production scheduling for single machine systems under time￾of-use tariffs

098 Yuhui Xu, Dongyang Han, Yimin Jiang, Rourou Li, Junqing Shu, Jianfeng Tao and Tangbin Xia
An ensemble framework based on diversity enhancement and difference indicator for fault diagnosis of rotating components with unknown modes

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MEIE2022 Proceedings

Please check the papers and vote for the best one in your mind.

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